technologie pro suseni biomasy

Technology for drying of biomass using the waste heat from biogas plants

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Technology ensures using waste heat from biogas plants mainly ( as well as from conventional sources ).

With this application can be dried whole several agricultural raw materials, especially the digestate from biogas plants, but also in parallel raw materials such as : crushed hay, grain, rapeseed or corn straw ( for these products we supply suitable facilities to achieve the required fraction ), and their use is mainly as a biofuel for greater heating and powerplant. It is also possible to use this type of drying complex for cereals, feed mixtures, sugar slices, etc..


The output from the dryer can then be connected to the following: pelleting line, briquetting line, these are an optional part of the delivery.


Advantages of using the device:

  • to improve the economic operation of biogas plants
  • follows the requirements of the new legislation in this area in the Czech Republic but also in other European countries
  • using of waste heat – combustion gases from the engine temperature of approximately 450 ° C and simultaneously waste heat from cogeneration units – water by approximately 90°C
  • it is a new type of screw modular dryer
  • basic model is applied to cogeneration units with electrical output approximately 500 – 600 kW
  • can be supplied individual model complete drying for installation of biogas plants with higher output





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