Biomass fuels

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Our company concerned with trading of fuels from biomass from the energy sources from the perspective of energetic use we concentrate on the potential of biomass, specifically heat generated by direct combustion in furnaces (wood, wood waste, straw, etc.) resp. processed / improved biomass to fuel the better phytofuels – pellets and briquettes suitable for dry processes – thermochemical conversion of biomass:



Trading and distribution of pellets:

Class A1

Quality used in boilers and stoves in homes. Pellets are made from chemically untreated wood residues from sawmills and are free of bark and can only contain 0.7 % ash .

Class A2

Used in larger boiler and its combustion occurs more ash. These pellets may already be a certain part of the bark, forest logging residues, and thus a higher percentage of ash, up to 1,5% .

Class B

Wood pellets for industrial use. There is already allowed a greater proportion of ash, production of wood used a higher percentage of bark .


From our best customers we buy larger quantities of pellets and briquettes, just as we are able to get such supply in case of interest, incl. individual packaging .


Prices are negotiated with the client individually for each business case :

Minimum quantity for 1 business casefrom 110 t / month, or 1,300 tons / year .