Why and what information is stored, consent to the use of cookies


What are cookies

Cookies are small text files where you can store information from the individual web pages you are viewing. The website will take a closer look at these files to see, for example, which pages you have previously visited, whether you have something in the basket or are logged in. Cookies are required for most of the larger sites on the Internet to function properly.


Why do we need information?

Information about your visit to the site enables us to improve the content of our site and our products. Without collecting this data, browsing the site would be more complicated and less clear. You can use information about accessing your desktop computer, mobile phone, or browser that you can use to better customize page views for new devices and browsers. Not only will your site be better used, we can also save mobile data or your device’s performance. All information is used to improve your experience while browsing our site.


Want to know more?

Learn about the types of cookies Google uses or about how Google and its partners use these cookies in the ad. The Privacy Policy ultimately describes how Google uses cookies to protect your personal data and other data.


How to stop storing cookies

Today’s internet browsers allow you to completely shut down cookies. How to stop storing cookies is found in your browser’s help. Keep in mind, however, by turning off cookies, you may lose some of the functionality of the site and restrict content browsing convenience.